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The Halo Memorial Wall

The Halo Wall of Remembrance is at the very heart of the Baby Rainbow Memorial Garden. 

This special place offers bereaved families the opportunity to have their own plaque displayed for their own precious angel baby, encouraging families to use the garden as a place to commemorate, talk and reflect while honouring their child in an uplifting and bright environment. 

To order a memorial plaque, please complete the application form below.

A memorial plaque at Baby Rainbow Memorial Gardens is £12.50 for the 1st year.

Maintenance fees of £6 per year are applicable after your 1st year. 

No automatic subscription is necessary, as BRMG will contact you when your maintenance fee is due.

We also offer a FREE VIRTUAL HALO. If you would like your angel to be commemorated here, please select 'Yes' in the order form below when prompted. 

Example Plaque Layout

Example Plaque Layout.JPG
Online Order Form

Memorial Plaque for The Halo



Use the box below to complete your  inscription.

The plaque will be set out exactly as provided below, so be sure to include your child's Name and any dates you require. Inscription is also Case Sensitive, UPPER CASE or lower case text will be used as per your entry below.

Please remember to include a space after a coma, apostrophe, or full stop.

We can fit up to 5 lines in smaller writing, with up to 30 characters, inc spaces, on each line. Or 4 lines of text with the name line larger, and up 25 characters for the name and up to 30 characters for the other 3 lines.

Avoid using the maximum number of characters on every line as this results in smaller, cramped text – using less characters and/or lines allows larger/bolder lettering with emphasis on key aspects like names and dates.

Baby Rainbow Memorial Gardens - Memorial Plaque Purchase Terms and Conditions

  1. The plaque purchased is the 100 x 50mm plastic laminate plaque

  2. The plaque will be fixed to the halo memorial wall at the Baby Rainbow Memorial Garden, Central Park, Scunthorpe.

  3. The Baby Rainbow Memorial Gardens will ensure the plaque is securely fixed to the halo memorial wall.

  4. The Baby Rainbow Memorial Gardens cannot allocate a pre-specified position on the memorial wall.

  5. The Baby Rainbow Memorial Gardens are not responsible for theft of or damage to the plaque unless caused by the negligence of its volunteers.

  6. All plaques are weatherproof and are engraved with black lettering, exactly as specified on this form.

  7. Memorabilia must not be attached to or placed around the plaque in case of damage or theft of said items.

  8. A proof of your plaque along with payment details will be emailed to you. 

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